Mini car rules (mod)
Any year car with 108″ wheelbase or less. V6 or smaller motor. Any car.
All glass and plastic and carpet must be removed out of car. Gas tank must be removed out from under the car. You can use Factory gas tank in the back seat area with a rubber mat or mud flap under the tank. Make sure it is strapped down and secured good. Battery must be moved two front floorboard and secured good to floorboard with a cover over it.
MOTOR- You can have a full cradle and it can be welded or bolted into its normal spot and no where else to K-Member. Subframe under the car can have all seems welded from the firewall forward. The Cradle can only touch the firewall with 12in of the Cradle. You are allowed 1 inch all thread in all body mounts. The bottom side of your hood washers can be welded to sheet metal. All thread must connect to washer. You are allowed up to 6 Hood bolts total.
CAGE- Full cage from dash to speaker deck. 3 bars across. Dash bar,bar behind the seat and against the speaker deck. Need gas tank protector with two bars going up off the back bar 45 them to your roof bar or your rollover bar to keep all sheet metal at the back of the car. You are allowed to have 6 down tubes. Mandatory you will have to have a cage or you will not run.
Rear axle- can modify any axle under the car and connect it to car but not too extreme. Must look almost Factory. That means don’t I repeat don’t add a lot of metal and weld under the car. It has to pass inspection in order to run the car so if you have any questions contact me before you do it.
PLATES- you are allowed up to 10 plates total on a car. 4 by 6 by up to 3/8 thick. Must have one inch Gap in between each weld. Fresh or pre-run it does not matter. You are allowed 16 inch bumper bracket per side of car must be up to 3/8 thick. Must be welded to back of bumper. 21 inch hump plates are allowed. Rust repair plates are allowed. But must have a hole drilled in them to scope the rust.
BUMPER- any bumper on any car. Homemade bumpers are allowed but must be within specs of a factory bumper. No extreme points or you will load.
BODY- all doors must be welded solid. Trunk lid can be welded solid. Must have at least 6 bolts in the hood and up to 6 in the trunk. You are allowed door skins.
STRUTS- can be reinforced and stiffness of suspension is up to the drivers.
TIRES- any Tire any wheel.
STEERING- you can have aftermarket steering.
9 wire- unlimited 9 wire. All wire must stay out of Windows just in case we have to get to you.
MANDATORY- roof sign. Windshield bar. Cage. All doors welded solid.
Any questions call me or message me or leave me a message 573-578-6919

Payout will not exceed 100% of admission.